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Custom programming, also known as bespoke software development, can provide significant value to businesses and organizations. Here are some potential benefits of using custom programming:

Tailored solutions: Custom programming allows for the creation of software applications that are specifically tailored to meet the unique needs and requirements of a business or organization. This means that the software can be designed to address specific pain points, increase productivity, or provide a competitive advantage. You are no longer stuck with or limited by an off-the-shelf software program.

Scalability: Custom software can be designed to scale with the growth of a business or organization, ensuring that it can continue to meet evolving needs as the organization expands.

Integration: Custom software can be developed to integrate seamlessly with existing systems and processes, making it easier for businesses to streamline operations and increase efficiency. WSI can integrate software with almost any accounting or ERP package from QuickBooks to JD Edwards – Microsoft Dynamics – SAP and others.

Flexibility: Unlike off-the-shelf software, custom software can be modified and adapted over time to meet changing business needs, ensuring that it remains a valuable asset for years to come.

Security: Custom software can be developed with security in mind, ensuring that it meets the unique security requirements of a business or organization and reducing the risk of data breaches and cyber-attacks. WSI can integrate your custom software with Microsoft Active Directory to allow for single sign on and easier user management.

Control: You are in control because it is your software. You are not licensing software from another company. WSI creates your custom software as a work-for-hire. This means you own it. You could even resell it without being obligated to pay any additional compensation to WSI. You decide when it changes, or for how long it works as it. No more new features you don’t want and didn’t ask for.

Licensing: Since you own it you can deploy it to more users, and/or to other locations without any obligation to compensate WSI more. There are no more annual license or subscription fees. The only circumstance where you have to pay WSI more is if you want WSI to add to or modify existing functionality. Even then you have the option to hire your own programmer or another firm to do this work, if you do not like WSI’s price.

On premises or In Cloud: You decide. We support both or a hybrid approach.

Overall, the value of using custom programming lies in its ability to provide tailored, flexible solutions that can meet the specific needs of a business or organization, while also offering scalability, integration, and security benefits.

Winning Solutions, Inc. (WSI) has developed a wide variety of applications using a very diverse set of programming tools but our primary focus is the Microsoft technology stack. To learn more about what WSI has done, click on the appropriate Programming Service below or if it's a particular software Product you're interested in, click below. If you're not sure where to start, please contact us to help jump start the process.

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