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Content Management Systems (CMS)

Take all the work out managing your website by using a content managed website.

Winning Solutions, Inc. (WSI), with offices located in the Midwest (Ames, Iowa) and Southeast (Fort Myers, Florida) has been actively involved with Content Management System's (CMS) and dynamic websites for years. We have worked with a wide range of CMS packages and successfully implemented them for a wide range of client's and client needs. By utilizing our skills in programming and web design we have pushed the envelope of each content management system we have developed for. WSI has been able to intertwine our web design, graphic design, ecommerce, marketing and web programming skills around and into CMS packages to increase their feature list.

WSI's vast knowledge in CMS development allows us to quickly and cost effectively create a fully functioning CMS, or a custom CMS solution tailored to your individual or business needs.

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Common Content Management System Questions

What is a Content Management System (CMS)?

CMS stands for Content Management System. A content management system often contains a base set of features that allows users to login in to an administrative section of a website. This administrative section typically has a collection of web forms to add and manage web pages in the website.

Additional features, referred to as modules, can be installed to further the functionality of a content management system. These additional content management system features generally include contact forms, user management tools, calendar tools, ecommerce or e-commerce (online stores), news posting tools, as well as, blogs and user forums. The specific CMS features, or content management modules, available depend on the particular content management system used.

A good CMS website or content managed website will allow a lot of bang for the buck. This is the primary reason that content management systems are so prevalent.  It will also allow for an easy and efficient way to update and organize content for your website.

Contact one of our offices in Fort Myers, Florida or Ames, Iowa to find out how a CMS can greatly improve productivity and implement a whole new level of organization to your website content and website development workflow.

How do I know if I need a Content Management System (CMS)?

In deciding whether or not your site needs a CMS, there are a few factors you should consider.

  • How many different people will be adding and updating content on your site?
  • How often will updates be made?
  • How computer literate are the people that will be making the updates?
  • What is the complexity and size of your website?

Content Management System driven websites typically have frequent updates, a large base of website users users, multiple site administrators and the website, is often times, a primary instrument in the organizations daily business processes.

If a full content management system isn't what you are looking for, WSI also offers classic web design services and custom content management systems. Contact us to find out more about any of these web services or to discuss which website option will best meet your needs.

What if I don't need a full Content Management System (CMS) solution?

You might find that a content management system or content managed website isn't going to work for you or your current business process. You could also find that the cost of a CMS is too high for your budget. That doesn't have to mean that you can't still move forward with your internet marketing strategy and website. There are other options available.

WSI can create a custom CMS solution for your specific needs. By creating a custom solution, you can save yourself some expenses, and have a CMS that is tailored to do exactly what you need it to do without having to pay for extra features you may not use.

You could also decide to go with a smaller or more cost effective solutions by doing a small business website created from a template or move forward on a website redesign.

Contact one of our offices located in Iowa (Midwest) or Florida (Southeast) to speak with an experienced website specialist that will help you come up with a web strategy or plan that will work for you and your needs.

Does a content managed website require training?

Yes.  Typically content managed sites require a training period. Many companies can implement a content management system but may not be able to adequately train your staff on how to use the system.

WSI provides content management system training and staffs trainers with knowledge of many content managed website systems. Even if WSI didn't build your website or install and configure your content management website, we can provide training and on going CMS support.

Drop us a line if you would like to know more about WSI training services.

What if I need custom CMS programming or specialized CMS development?

You're in the right place.  We don't just stop with installation, configuration and hosting of content managed websites.  We also provide continued CMS programming, CMS support, CMS training and customized CMS development.

If you're looking for a new CMS design or CMS web design, we have you covered there too.

Winning Solutions, Inc. can address any of your content management system concerns or questions. Use our contact form to reach either of our office locations in the Midwest or Southeast or call our Florida and Iowa offices at 515-239-9900.

We like what we see and want to begin a relationship with you, however, we're located hundreds of miles away from your office and no where near Iowa, the Midwest, Florida or the Southeast - will this work?

We have had, and continue to develop, numerous relationships with clients that were not located around either our Ames Iowa, or Ft. Myers Florida locations. Some of our clients weren't even in the Midwest or Southeast.

Depending on the scope of the content management system services required, face to face meetings are not necessary to develop a custom content management solution, CMS training class, CMS development plan or CMS hosting. Many of our clients enjoy sitting in the comfort of their own office or home and conducting a phone or shared desktop meeting with one of our trainers, designers or developers.

Our attention to detail and customer service has helped us deliver many systems without ever having a face to face discussion with the client. Contact either our Midwest (Ames, Iowa) office or our Fort Myers, Florida (Southeast) location today for a free content managed website and web redesign consultation.

Content Management System Benefits

Here is a list of common content management website benefits to help you in your website planning. If you have additional questions or are ready to start your project feel free to give us a call or contact us at either our Florida or Ames locations.

  • Easily update your website content
  • Good return on investment
  • Typically very feature rich
  • User management systems typically included
  • Modules may be available to expand functionality
  • Pre-defined process for web updates
  • Features can included ecommerce options
  • Possible to manage multiple sites from one system (Depends on CMS)

Content Management System Drawbacks

Here is a list of common content management website drawbacks.

  • Requires configuration and possibly programming to install
  • Requires installation and setup on a server that supports the system
  • Updates may be required from time to time
  • Typically has a higher base price then other options
  • Limited to features available to the particular CMS
  • Custom programming or development required to customize features
  • May not support your business process
  • Typically direct support from CMS developer is poor
  • Training may be required by a CMS trainer
  • May require a custom web hosting solution
  • Typically not very search engine friendly
  • May require routine upgrades
  • Can suffer in search engine rankings
  • May have a monthly fee or subscription for features or hosting

WSI's Content Managed Website Experience

Winning Solutions, Inc. has provided full implementation and deployment of content management websites for many clients. These services have included providing training support, custom development, hosting and server implementation, web and graphic design implementation and development as well as optimization for search engines.

P.L.O.W. - Putting Libraries on the Web - State Iowa Libraries

WSI provided training assistance for the P.L.O.W. program for the Iowa State Library. Our WSI trainer assisted their staff in training around Iowa in delivering their chosen content management system into the hands of their intended users. This process required WSI to learn their content management system, inside and out, to provide the best level of training. This knowledge transfer was completed easily due to WSI's previous experienced with content managed websites.

Iowa Student Loan

Iowa Student Loan contacted WSI after they had already selected a content management system and requested assistance in implementing their own design into the site. WSI provided search engine optimization and cut and build services as well as project support throughout the entire process.

If you have further questions or are ready to start your project with WSI send us an email or contact us by phone (515) 239-9900.

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