"We have been very pleased with the competent, prompt and courteous service they have provided to us."

Stu Perlman
Monarch/USESI (New Jersey)

WSI Management Announces Acquisition of Olson Design Group!


wsiThe Management Team of Winning Solutions, Inc. is proud to announce the acquisition of Olson Design Group (ODG) by Jonathan and Becky Estabrook. WSI and ODG will continue to operate as independent companies. To read more about this exciting news, click here to read the press release.


WSI Provides Customized Visitor Sign-in Solution to the U.S. Department of Justice - Drug Enforcement Administration - U.S. Small Business Chamber of Commerce!


Our latest government project work is covered here on the US Small Business Chamber website. You can read the article here.

WSI Helps U.S. Army Corps of Engineers with Automating Deployment of a Microsoft .NET Database Application - FedGov.news!


FedGov.News published an article submitted by Winning Solutions, Inc. about the subject work. We are pleased to have our second article published in FedGov.News. We will be submitting more articles as the number of successful federal government projects completed by WSI continues to grow. You can read the article here.

Winning Solutions, Inc. database work covered on FedGov.news!


FedGov.News is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the benefit corporation. Founded as a publication company that specialized in non-profit and governmental texts -- including pamphlets and training manuals -- it turned its attention toward propping up businesses across the country in getting in contact with the government agencies.

As part of WSI’s growing efforts to reach out the U.S. federal government in 2017, WSI submitted an article on the work it accomplished for the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) to FedGov.News. FedGov.News published the article on August 14 and you can read the full article here:

Winning Solutions, Inc. Achieves Gold Technology Provider 2017 status in the Intel Technology Provider Program for the fifth year in a row


wsi Intel requires Gold Technology Providers to meet specific training requirements to be awarded Intel Gold Technology Provider status. The team at Winning Solutions, Inc. has been designing laptops, desktop computers and servers for home and business for over 30 years. We now help customers understand and provision the right cloud server environment for their organization. We understand all the latest trends and technologies. Trends like BYOD (Bring Your Own Device (to work)) are changing the way computing devices are purchased and used in large and small business. The trend is clearly toward mobile computing, but this brings own set of unique challenges. The Consultants at Winning Solutions, Inc. are ready willing and able to help you understand and meet these challenges.

Click here to read more here.

Service to Iowa Games Continues

Spotlight Client

Service to Iowa Games Continues

As part of Winning Solutions, Inc.'s community involvement, WSI donates a significant portion of the professional services it provides to the Iowa Games www.iowagames.org each year. Once again this year, Winning Solutions, Inc. was honored at the 2016 Annual Iowa Sports Foundation Reception for Sponsors held at Terrace Hill, Iowa’s Historic Governor’s Mansion. Ben Grotzke (right center) and Mark Steffen (left center) of Winning Solutions, Inc. are pictured accepting a plaque recognizing WSI’s service to the Iowa Sports Foundation from Chuck Long (left) and Governor Terry Branstad (right). At this year’s reception, it was announced that over 300,000 citizen athletes participated in their Games. Participants came from all 99 counties in Iowa! WSI services the Iowa Games and the Iowa Sports Foundation, both located in Ames, Iowa, by providing a variety of information technology support services. The general services of Winning Solutions, Inc. includes, but is not limited to, computer technology consulting, web programming, database development, web site hosting, and web design services.

About the Iowa Sports Foundation
ISF - Iowa Sports Foundation The Iowa sports Foundation, Inc. (ISF) was created June 20, 1986 as a non-profit entity. Iowa is one of 40 states nationwide which feature Olympic-style sports festivals known as State Games. New York held the first State Games Festival when in created the Empire State Games in 1978.

About the Iowa Games
The Iowa Games began in August of 1987 as a weekend event, featuring 16 sports and 7,104 participants (nearly a record number at that time for a first-year state games). For the first time, weekend athletes, school children and senior citizens could experience the thrill of great performances and satisfaction of doing their best in a statewide Olympic-style competition.


WSI Accepted Into Dell Partner Direct Program


Today more and more computing is done on smart phones. However, when you have a lot of work to do, having a powerful tower PC with two or three large high-resolution monitors can increase your productivity far beyond what can the capabilities of a smart phone. So, if you are looking for a productivity edge, WSI can design a personal workstation environment to meet your specific needs.

If you or your organization already purchases directly from Dell, you are not required to purchase your PCs and servers through WSI; you can purchase a WSI server and workstation design time on a time and materials basis. This allows you to get a completely unbiased design and answers about what computing systems will best meet your needs. Our team has over thirty years of PC and server design experience at your disposal. We stay current on the latest technology trends so you do not have to. Balancing computing power and electricity consumption of these systems may be important to you, and we even factor this detail into our designs.

Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference - Video Coverage


Check out Mark Steffen’s coverage of the 2015 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Orlando!

Scott Nations

Spotlight Client


When expert stock market contributors like Scott Nations from CNBC's popular show Option Action and Squak Box need to bring their complex trading math to life on the web they look to the experts at Winning Solutions, Inc.

Winning Solutions, Inc. has the financial systems knowledge and programming skill to build software implementations of the most complex trading systems.

Click here to read more.

Atlantic Mooring Limited

Spotlight Client

Atlantic Mooring Limited

If you had any doubt about our Client, Andrew Owen's dedication after reading about his visit during the winter of 2012, he returned for a February 2014 Microsoft Access database programming work session. This time his wife and business manager, Fernanda joined him. In addition to repeating the 1,721 mile journey from Bermuda, he braved one of coldest winters in recent years. 2014 was the year of the polar vortex which brought unusually cold temperatures to Iowa. It also caused major disruptions to their travel schedule due to flight cancelations. We also had plenty of snow for them, if the cold wasn’t enough. On top of all this they were enjoying an unseasonably warm winter in Bermuda, where they operate their business Atlantic Mooring Maintenance, Ltd.

Click here to read more here.

Your Way Fumigation

Spotlight Client

Your Way Fumigation started in 1976 in Oxnard, California as a home-based business with just three customers. So it has been around even longer than Winning Solutions, Inc. Since then Your Way Fumigation has grown into one of the largest fumigation companies in California. They specialize in the fumigation of commercial and residential buildings. Your Way Fumigation, Inc. offers commodity fumigations in addition to structural fumigations.

Click here to read more.

WSI is formally announcing today that it has achieved Silver Partner Status with Rackspace®.

News Release

rackspace logoRackspace® (NYSE: RAX) is the open cloud company and founder of OpenStack, the standard open-source operating system for cloud computing. Headquartered in San Antonio, Rackspace delivers its renowned Fanatical Support® to more than 200,000 business customers, from data centers on four continents. Rackspace is a leading provider of hybrid clouds, which enable businesses to run their workloads where they run most effectively — whether on the public cloud, a private cloud, dedicated servers, or a combination of these platforms. Rackspace has been recognized by Bloomberg BusinessWeek as a Top 100 Performing Technology Company, and is featured on Fortune’s list of 100 Best Companies to Work For. For more information, visit www.rackspace.com.

Rackspace® is renowned for their high quality robust web site and web application hosting services. When WSI clients need the high quality hosting, Winning Solutions, Inc. partners with Rackspace® to deliver it. WSI designs and programs the web site or web application and Rackspace® hosts using its world class infrastructure. WSI still provides the client with an initial and single point of contact for resolving all technical problems while the application is being built and after it is hosted and put into use. This leaves our customers free to focus on running their business not their hosted or cloud servers.

Winning Solutions, Inc. is also a Microsoft Registered Partner and Intel Gold Technology Provider. WSI delivers powerful Intel based PC and Server solutions for customers that want on premise computing power. WSI’s main business areas are desktop/web custom application, database and web site development. WSI develops on the Microsoft technology stack including Windows Server, SQL Server, Access, Visual Basic.NET, C#, XAML and more.

WSI partners with other hosting providers for clients seeking more economical hosting solutions.

2014 National Junior Disability Championships

DotNetNuke Website

The AmesCVB and Winning Solutions, Inc. worked together to put together this great site for the National Junior Disability Championships.  Check it out here.

Software Release

Microsoft Access

Winning Solutions, Inc. (WSI) has been granted Certified Developer status with CNET’s Download.com website. CNET has been a driving force on the internet since the mid 90’s. Offering tech reviews, news, articles and software downloads they became so popular that CBS Interactive purchased them. One of their best known sub sites is download.com. The site offers free downloads of software, developer tools and applications that have gone through an approval process. Our free demo of our Microsoft Access Calendar Database Template has been approved for distribution and is available on the site. Stay tuned to our Facebook or Twitter pages for future releases. If you try out the demo and need any service, support or additional programming services, give us a call at (515) 239-9900.

Client Review


Dear Jonathan,

I wanted to take a moment to write to you about my experience working with your company. On a Friday afternoon in late November, I contacted your company for help in converting a spreadsheet from Microsoft Excel to Microsoft Access. Your staff took the time to understand my needs, and almost immediately, had delivered a service agreement which I found acceptable. Many of my initial requests were incorporated during the next two days - Saturday and Sunday - and within 10 days, and through numerous iterations, the database was finalized. With no prior knowledge of the subject matter and despite working in another location, Winning Solutions was able to incorporate all of the required modifications and delivered a product that I can fully utilize.

I appreciate the level of expertise and service your firm was able to provide. Because of the responsiveness and professionalism that was provided, and because of the overwhelmingly positive experience I enjoyed, I would highly recommend your firm to others who are in need of programming services.


Neil T. Brown
Chief Development Officer

Service to Iowa Games Continues

Spotlight Client

Mark Steffen (center) of Winning Solutions, Inc. is pictured accepting a plaque recognizing WSI’s service to the Iowa Sports Foundation from Former Governor Terry Branstad (left) Former Iowa Governor Clarence Hudson (Right), among others was in attendance. As part of Winning Solutions, Inc.'s community involvement WSI donates a significant portion of the professional services it provides to the Iowa Games each year. www.iowagames.com Once again this year Winning Solutions, Inc. was honored at the 2013 Annual Iowa Sports Foundation Reception for Sponsors held at Terrace Hill, Iowa’s Historic Governor’s Mansion. Mark Steffen (center) of Winning Solutions, Inc. is pictured accepting a plaque recognizing WSI’s service to the Iowa Sports Foundation from Clarence Hudson (Right) and Governor Terry Branstad (left).

WSI provides a variety of information technology support services to the Iowa Games and Iowa Sports Foundation which is based in Ames, Iowa. Winning Solutions, Inc. provides computer technology consulting, web programming, database development, computer network support, web site hosting and web design services.

About the Iowa Sports Foundation

Iowa Sports Foundation

The Iowa sports Foundation, Inc. (ISF) was created June 20, 1986 as a non-profit entity.

Iowa is one of 40 states nationwide which feature Olympic-style sports festivals known as State Games. New York held the first State Games Festival when in created the Empire State Games in 1978.

About the Iowa Games

The Iowa Games began in August of 1987 as a weekend event, featuring 16 sports and 7,104 participants (nearly a record number at that time for a first-year state games). For the first time, weekend athletes, school children and senior citizens could experience the thrill of great performances and satisfaction of doing their best in a statewide Olympic-style competition.

Access Tutorial: How to document a change to a database or application

Support Video

Iowa Ag Tours Goes Live!

DotNetNuke Website

New site released using DotNetNuke content management system.  Take a look and let us know what you think.  http://www.iowaagritours.com/


Project Management of Fiber Optic Business Broadband Installation

Today businesses in Iowa metropolitan areas like Ames, Des Moines, Waukee, Clive Urbandale and anywhere else Century Link (formerly Qwest Communications, formerly US West) fiber optics services are available are increasingly choosing to upgrade their Internet connection speeds. CenturyLink’s fiber optic Internet service is much faster and more expandable than the T-1’s deployed in the past. If your business has one or more T-1’s it may be worth considering an upgrade from T-1 or DSL service to Century Link’s fiber optic Internet service. One of the many advantages of CenturyLink’s Internet IQ port service is that the speed can be the same both up (going out to the Internet) and down (data speed coming in from the Internet).


Is buying a $40,000 Canned Program to run a small business a good idea?

Here at Winning Solutions, Inc. we believe that in most cases it is not. When we say canned program we are referring to any software that does not provide you the customer with all ownership and source code rights. (Source code is the actual characters typed into a computer by a programmer to create software. Most programs you buy contain compiled code which is difficult to impossible to modify by anyone but the person who has the original source code.) You see when you spend $40,000 for a program to run your small business you may be spending even more than a custom program written by Winning Solutions, Inc. for your business would cost. When you contract with Winning Solutions, Inc. to have software written for your company, you own all rights to the software the moment your bill is paid. That means you can sell it to other parties, add more users to it, install it at multiple branch offices, have WSI or someone else change the programming or do anything you want with it!


Seattle Lacks Computer People

On Thursday, May 31, 2012 National Public Radio posted a story on the Seattle Area Lacks Computer Science Majors.

Article Link

National Public Radio interviewed a business owner that was actively seeking full time computer programmers to work at his company. He was having difficulty finding qualified personnel. While it may be necessary to employ full time computer programmers in many situations, many times it is not. Winning Solutions, Inc. is a contract programming company head quartered in Ames, Iowa. We have done large and small programming projects for companies all over the United States. Several years ago we did a large multi-year programming project for an organization in Seattle, Washington.


Access for Marketing

Support Article

Marketing efforts can generate a lot of data. If you conduct campaigns and need to report on the results to know if you are getting your money’s worth, Microsoft Access can be a great tool. Do you get advertising results reports from a variety of sources like direct mail, email, call centers etc.? Wouldn’t it be great if you could bring all of these results together and get accurate reports? Wouldn’t it be even better if you could get nice charts and graphs? Well you can. Microsoft Access is a powerful tool and we know how to help you get the most out of this great relational database. Don’t be scared if someone tells you that your dataset is too large. We can put you data into Microsoft SQL Server Express or one of the bigger versions like Microsoft SQL Server Standard or Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise. In most cases Access’ own built in database will be sufficient and when it isn’t Microsoft SQL server can step in. The beauty of Microsoft Access is that depending on your skill level and available time you can do some or all of the database development yourself. If you don’t have the necessary time or skill you can call on one of the Access professionals at Winning Solutions, Inc. to do it for you. Our Access professionals can show how they solved your problem or just get it taken care of and not bother you with the details. With Winning Solutions, Inc. this is entirely up to you.

Click here to read more.

DNN Tutorial: How to add a YouTube video to a DotNetNuke Website

Support Video

Rental Rides - Website

New Website

An Iowa company that brings smiles to faces has just launched a new website with the help of WSI.  Rental Rides produces custom amusement park rides and was recently seen in action at the ISU VEISHEA Carnival.

Check out the new Rental Rides Website.

Visit Central Iowa - Website

New Website

In an effort to help promote events in central Iowa, the AmesCVB has worked with WSI to create a website providing information about local events, attractions, hotels and business.  This is your new center for learning about centeral Iowa events.

Check out the new Visit Central Iowa Website.

Personalitrees Website Created to Promote Book Launch

New Website

WSI has just finished working with the creator of the Personalitrees book on creating a website and helping to depoly top level social and internet marketing.   The site features a full CMS including blog system and social networking intigration allowing our author to focus on marketing.  We highly incourage checking out the book and the website.

Check out the new Personalitrees Book website.

WSI and Manure Works Featured

Press Release

WSI and Manure Works LLC. have been featured in the Iowa State University Extension's fall copy of Community Matters.  The article talks about how WSI collaborated with ManureWorks to create an application to support agriculture and the environment in Iowa.  Here is a quote from that article.

"Now that the initial development is done we are moving into the marketing phase. WSI has staff who have marketing expertise to help us design PowerPoint programs for trade shows as well as Web design. It is very helpful to have the same people that designed the program work on the marketing, as they already understand the product you are trying to market. WSI has been a one–stop shop for all of our needs on this project and I could not be more pleased," (Mike) Sexton (Manure Works Founder)

To read the full article see Page 9 of the Iowa State - University Extension Community Matters PDF.

To find out more about Manure Works visit www.manureworks.com.

WSI Becomes Octagon Sponsor

Press Release

WSI has become a sponsor of the Ames, Iowa Octagon Center for the Arts.

Octagon - Center for the Arts

Everyone in America attends, consumes, encounters or creates some kind of art each and every year. Since 1966, the Octagon Center for the Arts has continued to provide the greater Ames community with quality arts education. More than 25,000 people are served annually by their participation in Octagon classes, workshops, exhibits and special events such as the Octagon Art Festival...

To learn more about the Octagon, visit their website at www.octagonarts.org.  And stay tuned to our website to learn more about upcoming events related to this partnership.

Should I buy a new computer now? (December 2009)

Support Article

Short answer: Yes, but…

Welcome, in September of 2009 our short answer to this question was no. But as of now, December 2009 the answer has changed to yes! Windows 7 has shipped, so in most cases a new PC will come with Windows 7. You may not be aware that Windows 7 versions such as Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate, etc. come in two versions 32bit and 64bit. 64bit has the advantage of being able to support more memory (plus other things), so we say go with that one, but check to be sure your software and hardware will work with it by visiting the respective manufacturer's websites.

Click here to read more about buying a new computer... 

WSI Joins Iowa Web Design Directory

We're listed in Ames web design services section of Iowa web design services directory at Finders - US web design directory

Resizing Images for the Web


Many times we want to post images or photos to our website.  The most common mistake made in doing this is posting images before they have been formatted correctly for display on the web.  This tutorial will walk you through the process of formatting an image correctly before posting it on the web.

Click here to start learning how to resize images for the web...

Search Engine Submission

Support Article

We often get asked after developing or designing a website, "What next?"  That question has lots of possible answers but the best step to take after creating your website is to submit it to search engines.  This process is pretty easy and can be completed by anyone.  We have included a list of links in this article where you can submit your website.

Click here to view the list of search engine submission pages... 

Should I buy a new computer now? (September 2009)

Support Article

Long answer: You need to consider that Windows 7 will be shipping on October 22, 2009. Although you get a Windows 7 coupon with the Vista or XP license that is included with most PC’s purchased now, this may not be a good value. The reason the coupon is a poor value is that most experts recommend performing a clean install of a new operating system. If you’ve ever done a clean install you know this means re-installing all of your applications. This can be a very tedious process. Please note that it is technically possible to install Windows 7 over Windows Vista. According to Microsoft Windows 7 may not be installed over Windows XP.

Click here to read more about buying a new computer... 

Iowa Companies and ISU Extension Working Together to Support Agriculture and the Environment

Press Release

Manure Works, LLC a new start up company founded by the team that started Twin Lakes Environmental Services of Rockwell City, Iowa, has launched a new web based system for creating manure spreading records. Twin Lakes Environmental Services, LLC, specializes in writing Manure Management Plans (MMP) and Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plans (CNMP) to ensure environmentally sound agriculture practices and manure application in compliance with all state and federal regulations. Manure Works, LLC will not only offer its new web based recordkeeping service to clients of Twin Lakes Environmental Services, LLC, but will also make the service available to other producers through environmental service provider  companies throughout the United States.

Click here to read more about Iowa Companies and the ISU Extension.

Introduction to Microsoft .NET Master Pages

Support Article

As part of Microsoft's drive toward web 2.0 they introduced a web site development technology referred to as Master Pages. Master Pages allow web developers and web designers to separate elements of a web page into individual pages or a single page that is reused through out an entire site. This form of development has been around for years in the form of includes. But Master Pages take the classic include process one step further.

Click here to read more about master pages... 

Is your computer support company pushing you into something called managed services?

Support Article

Generally speaking managed services is a system where you pay a computer support company so much per month, per desktop PC, per server for support and certain proactive services. You need to carefully review what services are included and what restrictions are stipulated. If you are overwhelmed and would like a company experienced with the technical aspects of these agreements to review the agreement you are being offered you may contact WSI for a quote on reviewing your agreement. Typically it requires 1-2 hours per agreement for the review and to provide you a written summary of the strengths and weakness of the agreements.

Click here to read more about managed services... 

How do I really know I have all my source code?

Support Article

If you have contracted with a programming company or individual programmer to write a computer program for you, you need to be sure you receive the source code. For those of you who are unfamiliar with source code, it is the actual lines of instructions written by a programmer. A program called a compiler transforms the source code into object code which makes it execute faster. Object code is not easily modified, techniques to "de-compile" object code back to source code are problematic at best.

Click here to read more about source code...

How to save an older version of an Adobe Illustrator file

Support Article

Adobe IllustratorNot everyone has the same version of Adobe Illustrator but that doesn't prevent us from wanting to share files with each other.  Fortunately, Adobe Illustrator will allow us to save out older versions of files so that users can still open our files.

Click here to read more about saving older versions of Adobe Illustrator files...

WSI Redesigns Hickory Park Website

New Website

Hickory Park RestaurantWSI worked with the Hickory Park staff on a limited budget to revamp their website.  Hickory Park is a favorite restaurant of Ames and central Iowa residents.  Their great selection of BBQ menu items and famous ice cream desserts are great for a business lunch or family night out.  They also offer bulk carry out and catering services.

Check out the new Hickory Park Website.

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