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To achieve optimal performance, it is essential to identify critical performance data, convert this data to useful information, then communicate either in a targeted fashion or sometimes organization-wide. Scorecards, dashboards, Balanced Scorecards, Baldridge National Quality Award measures, etc., all serve to mobilize organizations to team together to achieve performance targets and goals. At WSI, we provide you with the very latest in web-based technologies to get this important information to those who need it most. We can help you develop exactly what you want and need in a custom Scorecard/Dashboard system.

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Common Scorecards Questions

We just completed our recent strategic planning off-site and need to publish these results along with supporting performance data. Can you help?

You bet. WSI is your one-stop resource for building customized, web-based solutions. From in-house programmers to in-house graphics design, our system design staff delivers the full range of IT capabilities needed to meet all of your web-based system needs. Not only can we have a customized, web-based scorecard up and running quickly, we assist you with your next offsite.

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Our organization generates a large amount of data, but needs to concentrate on the data related to key performance indicators and organizational goals - what should we do?

To optimize decision making, timely, relevant performance information is essential. WSI not only has the high-level database programmers to organize your data but also the web design and hosting capability to deliver this information in a stylish, intuitive manner.

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Can your system support a national or international company spread across a wide geographical and diverse set of product offerings?

Absolutely. We can link geographically-separated business units through client intranet or our secure Internet system. Web-based programming allows you to add a near-infinite number of organizations and business units, then project this information via the internet instantaneously, on-demand.

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We already have an IT Staff - how can WSI augment our in-house Information Technology (IT) staff?

Today's IT staffs are kept extremely busy managing countless in-house compliance based systems and may simply not have the time available or experience to develop an important or time-sensitive application. WSI delivers the full range development technology services when developing web-based solutions, either on-site using your LAN or remotely using our available secure servers. We can work on-site, or if you prefer, remotely. We also sell, install and maintain hardware and servers, covering the full range of IT customer support.

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This all sounds great - but why not just by an off-the-shelf software program?

Often it is difficult to both find a software program that matches perfectly with your requirements. It can be even more difficult if not impossible to modify an existing program to adapt to your needs. At WSI, we build the program around your needs - not vice-versa, to give you exactly the look, feel and functionality you are seeking.

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Who owns the program once it is complete and up and running on our intranet?

That is the best part. Once your affordable, user-friendly system is installed, it is yours. No expensive upgrades are required. Your IT staff is free to modify the tool and is given access to all source code. Or, simply call us to refresh the system's look and feel or have us add additional system capability to meet your evolving needs.

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As many of our Scorecards use applications that we develop in, be sure and visit the following sections for details on some of our Product Work:

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